AiXun Shines at the 2024 Eletrolarshow in Brazil
On July 15, 2024, the Eletrolarshow was held as scheduled in São Paulo, Brazil. This global event showcasing the latest technology and innovative products attracted numerous industry professionals and visitors. Among them, AiXun presented its latest and most innovative products and became a focal point.
Everything You Need To Know About Soldering Kit
Discover the world of soldering with our comprehensive guide to soldering kits. Understand the Importance and Applications of Soldering. From basics to advanced tools, learn the basic Knowledge of soldering kit in your electronics assembly, repairs, and DIY projects.
Soldering and Desoldering: A Simple Guide for Electronics Enthusiasts
Learn the basics of soldering and desoldering with this simple guide for electronics enthusiasts. Discover the different types, tools, and techniques.
AiXun DP20 Desktop Smart Fast Charger Latest version V1.03 is launched now
New Experience Further Improvement! AiXun DP20 Desktop Smart Fast Charger Latest version V1.03 is launched now
FAQ About AiXun PF26 Intelligent Multi-channel Fast Charger
AiXun PF26 Intelligent Multi-channel Fast Charger is a powerful charging solution that enables fast and efficient charging for multiple devices. Upgrade your charging capabilities with the AiXun PF26 and enjoy the convenience of rapid and reliable charging for all your devices.
R&D Insights: The Minds Behind PF26 Smart Multi-Port Fast Charger
John•Dewey once emphasized the role of bold imagination in scientific progress, a sentiment equally applicable to product creation. The birth of PF26 Smart Multi-Channel Fast Charger stands as a testament to this. It's the culmination of the collective wisdom and ingenuity of the AiXun R&D team.
A Passionate Dragon Boat Festival, Enjoy the Summer with Zongzi
The lingering aroma of mugwort comes with long-lasting love. The memory of Dragon Boat Festival may be the scent of mugwort mixed with various flowers floating in the air, or it may be the lively scene of dragon boat racing, or the warm moments of family and friends sitting around and eating Zongzi. Maybe it is also a gift full of sincere wishes.
New Product | PF26 Smart Multi-Channel Fast Charger: Smart Experience, Easy And Quick
As a technology company, AiXun takes practical actions to practice technology-driven development, constantly innovating its products, and has achieved a series of independent innovation results. The new product "PF26 Smart Multi-Channel Fast Charger" (hereinafter referred to as "PF26") launched this time is the company's latest masterpiece.
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