05GSM Renews Contract with AiXun&JCID, Continues as Official Agent in Russia
Congratulations to 05GSM for renewing its contract with AiXun & JCID as the official agent in Russia!
AiXun PF26 Intelligent Multi-channel Fast Charger Was Released!
PF26 Intelligent Multi-channel Fast Charger Intelligent fast charging | achieve fully charged status rapidly | easy and quick Four channels and 8 ports Total power can achieve 260W Compatible with various fast charging protocols
Good News! Aixun Official Store Makes Another Breakthrough, Officially Lands in Guangzhou.
AiXun official store makes another breakthrough and officially lands in Guangzhou. Following the first official store highly acclaimed highly acclaimed , AiXun continues to deepen its channel layout.
Expanding Global Channels: The First Official Store of AiXun Worldwide Opens in Shenzhen!
On May 22, the grand opening ceremony of the first AiXun official store worldwide was held on the first floor of Longsheng Market, Huaken Building in Shenzhen!
The First AiXun Official Store Worldwide, Opening Soon!
The First AiXun Official Store Worldwide, Opening Soon! On May 22nd, we warmly invite customers from around the world to join us at the Longsheng Market, 1st Floor, Huaken Building, Shenzhen. Let's witness this significant milestone together and start an exciting new journey with AiXun!
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How Does a Soldering Gun Works
A soldering gun is a handheld tool used for soldering, which is the process of joining two materials together using a melted filler metal called solder. The shape of a soldering gun resembles a pistol, providing a comfortable grip and precise control.
Understanding SMD and BGA Rework Station: A Simple Guide
BGA (Ball Grid Array) and SMD (Surface Mount Device) rework stations are essential tools for reworking, repairing, or replacing these components. But what exactly are these stations, and how are they different from regular soldering stations? Let's break it down in simple terms.
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