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New Product | PF26 Smart Multi-Channel Fast Charger: Smart Experience, Easy And Quick

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As a technology company, AiXun takes practical actions to practice technology-driven development, constantly innovating its products, and has achieved a series of independent innovation results. The new product "PF26 Smart Multi-Channel Fast Charger" (hereinafter referred to as "PF26") launched this time is the company's latest masterpiece.


With strong power, compatibility with multiple fast charging protocols, large screen display... Various advantages converge to create the PF26. For many mobile phone repair enthusiasts, an ideal device cannot do without labels such as "convenience, fast, durability," and PF26 just meets these needs, outlining a kind of technical beauty in rapid charging.



01. 260W High-efficiency Charging Solution


In the repair process, electricity is the most basic and important requirement. Currently, the total power of PF26 up to 260W, which can provide sufficient power to quickly meet the charging detection needs of devices. At the same time, the design of 4 channels and 8 ports allows PF26 to support simultaneous charging of more devices, with a peak power of up to 65W per channel, ensuring fast charging. In addition, based on the multi-functional interface configuration, PF26 can also be compatible with more devices, making charging detection more flexible, and providing users with efficient charging solutions.

Warm Tips: The above peak power output requires a minimum adapter configuration: DC5.5*2.5 interface, 24V*12A (users need to purchase it by themselves)



02. Compatibility with Multiple Fast Charging Protocols


As a fast charging product, PF26 not only meets the demand for high power but also realizes the function of compatibility with multiple fast charging protocols, supporting fast charging of multiple smart devices. PF26 can now automatically detect and identify multiple fast charging protocols: PPS/PD/QC/AFC/FCP/SCP/PE/SFCP. When the device is inserted, it immediately "handshakes," ensuring fast and safe charging of the device.



03. Smart Energy Saving


Intelligence is one of the biggest features of AiXun's products. From concept to research and development, and finally to the launch of the finished product, the entire cycle has been focused on "intelligence." Among them, the automatic sleep function is one of the highlights of this product. Currently, the sleep time setting of PF26 ranges from a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 60 minutes, which can effectively save energy consumption and greatly extend the service life of the device.



04. User-friendly Design Highlights Ingenuity


• Big Screen + Digital Display + Curve

Enhancing user experience has always been the goal pursued by AiXun. For PF26, the R&D team has been meticulous, adding many user-friendly settings in many functions to make it more convenient for users to operate. For example, the product adopts a 3.5-inch IPS hard screen and combines two display modes of digital display and curve to more intuitively display the charging status and parameters.


• Color + Brightness + Mode

In terms of display, PF26 can also freely adjust the font color and screen brightness, and provide two modes of dark and light to meet the different needs of users. In addition, the product can also choose standard or simple display versions, allowing users to switch the level of information detail conveniently according to their preferences.



• Standard Bottom Design

The bottom of PF26 adopts a 1/4 screw hole, which supports universal fixtures for convenient and fixed charging. Combined with the characteristics of small and lightweight body, PF26 does not occupy desktop space, is easy to carry, and makes repair work easier.

Warm Tips: Fixtures need to be purchased separately



05. Cloud Intelligent Networking


With the characteristics of AiXun's networking, PF26 can directly connect to the AiXun platform, real-time monitoring of current-voltage curves. Users can choose to view the current-voltage status of Channel 1 or Channel 2/3/4 according to their needs, and can also select a group of data to save and upload to the cloud.


In addition, after connecting to the AiXun platform, PF26 can also perform PC-side online remote upgrades, continuously updating the multi-channel fast charging software in real-time, ensuring that the functions are never outdated and always new.



Small size, multi-function, strong application. Behind the PF26 Smart Multi-channel Fast Charger is the engineering spirit of AiXun's R&D department, which is always forward-looking and customer-oriented. In the future, AiXun will continue to explore the integration of "technology + products + users," allowing more new products to unleash more possibilities. Stay tuned!


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