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R&D Insights: The Minds Behind PF26 Smart Multi-Port Fast Charger

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Every product doesn't just materialize out of thin air. From conception to the first steps of development, until it finally emerges as a fully functional entity, this process encapsulates the efforts and sweat of all developers.


John•Dewey once emphasized the role of bold imagination in scientific progress, a sentiment equally applicable to product creation. The birth of PF26 Smart Multi-Channel Fast Charger stands as a testament to this. It's the culmination of the collective wisdom and ingenuity of the AiXun R&D team.


User experience is the most intuitive


Capturing a hint of possibility from imagination, then evolving that possibility into a tangible product through practice - PF26 - what drives this process?


The product manager states, "To put it plainly, a product is meant to be used, and whether it's good or not, the user's experience is the most direct. For example, in the past, we had similar products, but some users gave feedback that the screen was small and inconvenient to use. Combined with analysis of market demand, this ultimately led to the approval of PF26."


The AiXun R&D team genuinely aims to enhance user experience.


Speaking of similar products, what unique highlights does PF26 have?

He told me that for this product, the team made some differentiated designs in terms of functionality. For example, PF26 allows users to freely adjust font color and screen brightness, and offers two modes: dark and light. "Regarding the setting of functions, we don't just add them on a whim, but decide after continuous discussion and testing, with the ultimate goal of making it more convenient and user-friendly." says the product manager.


User feedback is even more important


From approval, development to market launch, the most challenging and time-consuming part of the process falls during the R&D phase.


Design, development, testing, evaluation, and the inevitable "start over," each step is not accomplished overnight. Many versions of design changes, many plan adjustments, in continuous polishing, PF26 was born. "We changed the appearance design many times, such as the material of the body. More expensive materials don't necessarily mean better. If the material is expensive, the product price will inevitably rise. We also have to consider the user's purchasing cost in R&D."

After PF26 is launched, can the R&D team finally relax? On this point, the product manager smiled and said, "Of course not, we still have battles to fight ahead. After the product is launched, we need to summarize based on user feedback, and some products need to be optimized and upgraded accordingly. R&D is challenging, but it has a complete process to push forward. User feedback, on the other hand, is unknown, we can only collect this information after the product is launched."


Speaking of user feedback, the R&D manager continued, "We cannot develop in isolation, so user feedback is paramount. From this perspective, we must thank users for their suggestions, which prompt us to continuously optimize products and improve user experience. To take the product to new heights, we cannot do without users."


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