Intelligent Desoldering Stations

iHeater Pro 4th-Gen Intelligent Desoldering Station for Mobile Mainboard RepairiHeater Pro 4th-Gen Intelligent Desoldering Station for Mobile Mainboard Repair

Best Desoldering Station 3rd Gen for Motherboard MaintenanceBest Desoldering Station 3rd Gen for Motherboard Maintenance

Soldering & Desoldering Station

Desoldering stations are more compact than hot air rework stations. As their name suggests, these portable models will effectively remove solder for making repairs to components. Many desoldering stations have vacuums built in to draw the melted solder away to keep the circuit board clean as you work.


Desoldering Station Reviews



Soldering & Desoldering Techniques

Desoldering is the process of melting the solder and removing the joints made between two materials. In electronics, it refers to the removal of electrical components from PCB for troubleshooting, repairing, replacing, and salvaging. Soldering and desoldering is performed to install a component on a PCB or to remove it from the board.


Hot Air Rework & Desoldering Station

When choosing between a hot air rework and desoldering station, know the pros and cons of each. When you understand what benefits you get from each and how each one may fall short of expectations, your decision will be more informed and you can wisely invest your money in the best station for your business.


AiXun iHeater 3rd Gen intelligent desoldering station is an intelligent heating platform for motherboard preheating, separating and desoldering.


Best desoldering station

Just like you want a soldering station to solder your circuit components. In the same way, you may want the best desoldering station too, to remove the bad soldered components, or to replace a burnt one. Discover AiXun best smart desoldering station for phone repair.


Best Smart Desoldering Station3rd Gen for Motherboard Maintenance


AiXun iHeater 3rd Gen intelligent desoldering station support X-14 pro max and Android mainboard disassemble and separate, A10/A11/A12/A13 CPU glue removing, home button rapair, face ID 11 dock connector repair, android mainboard preheating, etc.


Intelligent Desoldering Station: iHeater Pro for Mobile Mainboard Repair


AiXun iHeater Pro desoldering station is newly upgraded with four full angle buckles which is conductive to fix the deformed motherboard. It supports overall series modules from IPhone X to 14 ProMax, and the 14 series will launch soon...


Desoldering tools

Desoldering station

Hot air guns

Desoldering pump.

Removal alloys

Removal fluxes

Picks and tweezers


The best way to desolder

1. Desoldering With A Intelligent Desoldering Station

2. Desoldering With A Hot Air Gun

3. Desoldering With A Soldering Wick/Desoldering Braid & Iron

4. Desoldering With A Soldapullt Pump and Iron


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